Reduce Retail Employee Turnover By 50%

In its first full year of implementing the new procedures, the company cut its store-level turnover by 50%.

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Reduce Turnover By Hiring Better

If you are like most retailers, more than half your employees will either quit or be fired this year. Decrease retail turnover and theft by quickly identifying the most loyal, honest, and hard-working applicants - and avoiding the risky ones.

SIGMASelect is a complete web-based hiring solution that:

  • Takes just a couple of hours to implement
  • Integrates a convenient and reliable pre-employment assessment into the hiring and selection process
  • Automates tedious hiring tasks and slashes time-to-hire by 67%
  • Reduces costs with per-position and subscription plans

Put SIGMASelect to work on your turnover problem today!

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